Which Way Are You Looking?

30 weeks since the last Lockdown and we’re in lockdown 2.0.

Now this time around there is so much more frustration. A lot of suspect decisions have been made and a lot of people are unhappy.

If you watch the news you're misinformed but if you don’t watch the news were uniformed.

There’s a lot of data to prove a lot of this decisions have been miscalculated, i've been told not to talk and get into politics, and maybe it's better that way. I don’t know enough about it but I certainly have a lot to say.

So what do we do.. where do we channel our frustration or this energy that we have.

What has happened in the past doesn’t determine our future, we need to let go of things that hold us back. You get what you put in. and that’s not just in exercise that’s in life.

We all have pain and we all have struggles, we suffer in many different ways but what has happened has happened and it can't be changed.. its now up to you on how you deal with.

It's your reaction.

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