What are you trying to achieve?

During these podcasts, my goal as such was never to motivate you, but instead is to give you actionable takeaway snippets, things that maybe you could do better you can improve on, and let them sit with you to plant a seed so that you can go and action those.

I've said many times in the past, and a lot of these podcasts that success breeds motivation. And that's why small actionable goals done daily will lead you to where you want to be.

That is something I think I've said in every single podcast since this they have started. We don't get there by chance, if you're not in the shape that you want to be, you need to ask yourself the question like, why, you know what, why am I not there?

I want you to take away valuable information from these podcasts. And that's my goal. So if you're someone who's listening, thinking, well, actually, I listen to you because you motivate me, the problem with that and yes, it's good in one way, but the problem with that is that you're always gonna have the uphill battle of trying to succeed because you're seeking an external piece of motivation.

We get so caught up in the fitness world with weight loss. It's been made into such a big thing. Losing weight is a journey and especially now on on social media and all these platforms are targeting weight loss because it will say 'been at home through quarantine, gained weight, 28 days program'. It will target you and they quantify it with X amount of kilo,. eg; you need to lose X amount of kilos in 15 weeks. Now you're focusing on the end goal.

Stop and step back. Restart and focus on losing one kilo. Focus on losing that one kilo 15 times.

Listen to the full podcast here.

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