Vegan & Veg Alternatives

One of the most frequent questions about plant-based diets is: Where do you get your protein? Vegetarian and vegan diets can be incredibly healthy and nutritious, but if you don’t pay attention it’s easy to fall into the trap of eating lots of carbs and fat and not enough protein.

Here are some substitutions for meat that can help you eat a high-protein diet and keep carbs at a minimum:

●Beans (21g protein/100g)

●Lentils (9g protein/100g)

●Egg (13g protein/egg)

●Chickpeas (19g protein/100g)

●Tempeh (19g protein/100g)

●Tofu (8g protein/100g)

● Green peas (5g protein/100g)

● Ezekiel bread (4g protein/100g)

● Spinach (3g protein/100g)

● Broccoli (3g protein/100g)

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