Move The Needle

Historically around this time of year in the back of heads we’ve got Christmas in site and we start to do almost do a progressive winding down thing. We’ve actually got a whole 2 months until Christmas and honestly I don’t think it will be what we except.

We have to adapt this mentality that we wish time away and we’re all like yeah i'll start Monday etc

It won't be Christmas work parties and jolly ups from Friday to Sunday with 2 weeks off work.. I just can't see it happening.. I think there will be your normal days off Christmas day, boxing day, new years eve and day, and that’s if you haven’t historically worked.

There won't be loads of family around, it’s a different time unfortunately. We’ve got people who have never lived a day in the real world making decisions for us, who's jobs will forever be safe as they are taxpayers money but that’s another story.

The reason now is the time to move the needle is because another 2 months will fly by and you will be in the exact same position you’re in in now, physically, mentally and whatever else that might be relevant to you.

We have to get out of this mentality that new year new me, because the 'rona' isn’t going away in January. It’s not going to just stop because it January the 1st and Doris has a fitness goal to achieve.

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