Jostaberry Chia Pudding⁠

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Serves 2⁠


Jostaberry compote (see separate recipe)⁠

6-8 heaped tbsp Skyr yoghurt⁠

4-6 tspn granola⁠

2 tspn maple syrup

5 tspn chia seeds⁠


Fresh or frozen mixed berries⁠

Silvered almonds⁠

Freshly grated nutmeg⁠

Fresh mint sprigs⁠


1. Mix together the chia seeds and Skyr in a separate bowl.⁠

2. Layer each pot with some granola, chia Skyr, compote, chia Skyr, maple syrup, more compote and almonds.⁠

3. Top with some berries, freshly grated nutmeg and garnish with some mint.⁠

A great post-workout pudding, or just because💋⁠

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