3 Common Mindset Mistakes Made In And Out Of The Gym

  1. When I achieve x result, I'll be happy and confident. Until then, I cannot be.

  2. Becoming obsessed with the outcome/ result and never the process.

  3. The more work I put in, the better the result.

None of the above is true, happiness is a feeling not a destination. Don't become obsessed, enjoy the process and embrace the journey.

Someone, somewhere in fitness made everyone delusional in what both men and women should look like... and quite frankly there is no right way to look. You look however you want to look. All the expectations of what the ideal body type is supposed to look like is a sales and marketing strategy to keep spending your hard earned money on products that don't work.

Your aim should be to move better, to move injury free, to have a life fulfilled with fun and completing physical challenges on the way.

Wanting to look a certain way for aesthetic reasons can be a dark and lonely place, pushing your body through all the physical stress, poor nutrition and lack of adequate sleep... for what and at what cost to your health?

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