30 Day Nutrition Challenge

Chances are you're on this page because you're not happy with your eating habits, maybe you're not happy with the way you look or feel about yourself. 

There is no faster or better way to change your body than to understand how to eat and fuel your body. 

Our goal is to offer you complete happiness in your own skin by educating you through Nutrition and Fitness. 

We want you to create sustainable, effective nutrition habits not just for 30 days but for life. 

This program has been tried and tested multiple times and we have made it as simple as possible. Simple doesn't necessarily mean easy. Just buying this program won't help you improve the way you feel or the way you look. You have to do the work. Some tasks are so simple but yet we miss them out day to day and are so overlooked because we don't value them.


If you value your health, you'll follow the tasks. 


We are giving you the exact tools you need to improve your eating habits. This program is very different to what you may have experienced. 


Along with Daily tasks, you will have access to 50+ meal plans, weekly shopping list and macronutrients breakdown for each meal. 


This challenge is to help you live a healthier lifestyle and to build better habits with a better understanding of good nutrition.

The program has been designed to help build better habits for your nutrition and implement lifestyle changes that you can maintain for the rest of your life.


The beauty is in its simplicity. 

  1. Free 30 day access to the CrossFit Harrow App with 5 different workout tracks.

  2. Daily Tasks

  3. Over 50 Meal Plans all loaded and compatible with MyFitnesspal

  4. Weekly Shopping List

'As a result of the changes I made, I lost 3kg'

I learnt to balance my meals more. The challenge provided me with the tools to remain in control and to stay on track. Most importantly I learnt to trust in the process, in myself and to remain patient. Applying the nuances of nutrition adds up to huge positive outcomes and it is a valuable knowledge and skill to have .

Sandy, P

"...I lost a total of 4.5kg just from a few tweaks"

The depth of information provided made it really easy for me to take the principles and apply it to my own life. Even when I couldn’t record the daily challenges it was really useful to have some core principles and guidance to stick too in my week. This was very useful in helping me eat more healthily but also feel full and therefore snack less.

Matt, G

"...I learnt how to build a nutritious meal for my body. "

Ive lost 9lbs in total and 8cm from my waist but I don’t feel like I’ve been on a really restrictive diet and crazy exercise regime. The last month has been manageable and enjoyable and I don’t feel like I need to reach for a pizza. I look at a plate of food so differently now and really focus on making sure my meals aren’t just empty calories and are providing me with the nutrition I need.

Laura, B