Our CrossFit Kids Program

The BOX Youth Program will always be a place where your kids are intentionally challenged to see their value independent of their success. There will be challenges to overcome and risks to take, and we will ask them to make tough decisions.


We will put your kids in places where they are uncomfortable—and then sore—but also in places where they see the results of their hard work. We will encourage teamwork but we will also encourage working indepently.


We will not try to save them from failure, but we will ask them to practice their failures in a safe environment, learning from their mistakes and gaining confidence.


We will be intentional about teaching them how to lose, how to face unmet expectations, and how to fail WELL.


Ultimately it is about their development not just in fitness but also in life and most importantly for them to have fun!

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Our Next Term starts Tuesday 7th June - 15th July (6 Weeks)

CrossFit Fundamentals

•7-9 years

•Developing movement skills

•Focus on fun

•Exploring through games

CrossFit Kids

•Starting to do more CrossFit based workouts

•Loading (relative to age and development)

•Developing their bodies off the back of what they have covered in stage 1/2 if they have progressed through The Fundamentals.

•11 years and over

CrossFit Fundamentals Development

•Starting to look at the traditional movements of CrossFit

•Squats, deadlift etc (No Loading)

•For children aged 9-11